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Is Intel fighting to keep Oregon hooked on coal?

Rare political form: Everyone agrees coal is bad for Oregon

But unlike these other efforts Oregon has a chance to take a major step forward in addressing pollution this session. Transitioning utilities towards clean energy has the potential to be a huge win for a state that’s been struggling to reduce its emissions and has had a history of lingering; costly legislative fights on energy policy.

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Asia is not coal's deus ex machina

The notion that people in Seoul and Brusan, Shanghai and Guangzhou don’t care about pollution is a myopic view. These aren’t just engines of endless growth fueled by energy. These are real people with the same desires for healthy productive lives as anyone in Seattle, Omaha or Boston. And they’ve made it clear coal is their past, not their future.

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Port of Longview to build oil refinery they definitely weren’t negotiating with

The Longview Riverside Refinery is just one of many potential projects for region. But this situation is emblematic of a larger trend. Public organizations like the port are colluding with companies to shroud these projects in secrecy. Thankfully Northwesterners of all stripes are speaking out and keeping a watchful eye on our region.

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Oregon has public money tied up in pending local coal and oil projects

We don’t know how much influence these investments play into approving these projects. Yet funds for firefighters, schoolteachers and government employees (even members of the OIC) were all invested in projects that needed state approval.

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The Port Westward saga: how a once promising biofuels facility became an oil and coal train hub

After years of loan repayments, legal battles and sparing production, the facility (renamed Columbia Pacific Bio-Refinery) was sold to Global Partners in early 2012 for $94.2 million. This is a surprising amount for a struggling site, until it was revealed that the company planned to ship crude oil, not ethanol through the port.

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