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Is Intel fighting to keep Oregon hooked on coal?

Oil Check and Sightline discuss Shell in the Arctic, Exxon's climate coverup and PDX's oil train fight

Oil's California playbook: the arguments you should expect

Here in the Northwest, we’ve recently passed impressive climate legislation of our own. Both states’ look poised to put a price on pollution. But make no mistake; the oil industry will do everything they can to stop it.

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Governor signs clean fuels bill, oil companies set to sue

Oregon has had a clean fuels standard in the works for several years but the law was set to sunset this year. With the Governor's signature today, Oregonians can continue on the path to better health, more in state clean fuel jobs and a less polluted environment. But that's something that just doesn't sit right with oil companies.

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Oregon's fuel standard opposition group admits oil industry ties

Oil is the most profitable industry in the world, period. Now oil industry is hiding behind phony organizations to protect its profits, kill clean air standards and attempt to confuse regular folks up and down the west coast.

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