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Oil industry drops clean fuels ballot but preps for election season

This could mean that the oil industry is simply not willing to give up, but their past history shows a different strategy. Over the last 3 elections, fossil fuel companies have put nearly $8 million into Oregon. The numbers for the first quarter of 2016 are still being finalized, but oil industry PACs have already put together tens of thousands of dollars in preparation for this year’s election.

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Oregon passes pioneering coal bill, but it didn’t come easy

Rare political form: Everyone agrees coal is bad for Oregon

But unlike these other efforts Oregon has a chance to take a major step forward in addressing pollution this session. Transitioning utilities towards clean energy has the potential to be a huge win for a state that’s been struggling to reduce its emissions and has had a history of lingering; costly legislative fights on energy policy.

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Oregon preps to finally curb pollution, here’s how the oil industry will fight it

"...all this money and influence seems to be in an effort to gum up the state’s political process and delay Oregon’s transition to cleaner energy sources."

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Oil Check and Sightline discuss Shell in the Arctic, Exxon's climate coverup and PDX's oil train fight

Oil's California playbook: the arguments you should expect

Here in the Northwest, we’ve recently passed impressive climate legislation of our own. Both states’ look poised to put a price on pollution. But make no mistake; the oil industry will do everything they can to stop it.

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The Northwest is falling behind on pollution

Northeast state’s like Maryland might be better know for “Crab Cakes and Football” but right now they are running up the score on us in curbing pollution.

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