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Mayor pulls support from Propane Terminal but Pembina “unwilling to walk away”

Mayor Charlie Hales

April 7th - After “thousands of calls and emails from residents” Portland mayor Charlie Hales, once a proponent of the terminal, pulled his support from the Pembina Propane Terminal this morning.

"At some point, those of us in power have to listen to those who put us there," Hales said in an interview with the Oregonian.

The Mayors decision comes after a series of organized activism and opposition to the proposal:

- January 13th Hearings are held for the Pembina proposal, not for its merits but for a small zoning change needing approval. Angry residents made their voices heard through several hours of testimony.

- April 3rd In an effort to quell opposition, Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission levies large pollution offset fee on propane terminal.

- April 7th Residents protest outside the Planning Commissions hearing on the terminal citing grave concerns about safety and Portland’s role in contributing to climate change.

- April 22nd City Council’s Earth Day session interrupted by Pembina propane protestors. The demonstration halted the session by highlighting the hypocrisy of previous environmental statements made by each councilmember and their potential approval of the project.


Many initially chalked the mayor’s statement today as a death sentence for the Canadian company plans. But immediately after, both Pembina and the Port made it clear that they are not giving up.

They've spent $15 million to get to this point," said, Port of Portland executive director Bill Wyatt “The company is simply unwilling to walk away from that."

Folks in PDX might still have some work cut out for them. But with the Mayor’s intentions clear and the level of outcry so far, I wouldn’t bet against “little Beirut”.

Nick Abraham - Editor and lead contributor Oil Check Northwest

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