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PDX proposed major pollution fee on Canadian propane terminal

It has been easy to miss among the headline catching fossil fuel projects slated for the Northwest, but Portland could soon be home to propane shipments coming in from Canada.

The proposed facility from Canadian company Pembina Pipeline Corp. wants to build a $500 million terminal at the Port of Portland. They’ll be bringing it from Alberta to then be shipped to Asia, adding to the ever-increasing oil train daily total for the region.

Thankfully, Portlanders and concerned folks from around the region are speaking up about shipments of these fuels coming into densely populated areas.

Most recently the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission made it very clear how they felt about the project. The commission is proposing to charge the Canadian company $6.2 million a year to offset the emissions brought on by the shipments. While that amount may seem high, it works out to be around 1 cent / gallon of the 560 million gallon proposal.

Unfortunately, even with controversy surrounding this facility growing Pembina only requires a zone change. The type of zone change required doesn’t even “provide a basis for rejection”. So while cost increases like this will make a difference, this project still looks to be on the fast track.

What's next?

The Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission will conduct a public hearing on the Pembina project, and then render a decision.

PPSC meeting

1900 S.W. Fourth Ave. second floor

3 p.m. Tuesday, April 7

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