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“A win for all of Indian country”, US denies nation’s largest coal export terminal

The Lummi’s defiant stand for their treaty and sovereignty was a major victory, apart of a much larger struggle. New coal export projects are still slated for Oakland, CA, British Columbia and Longview, WA. Decisions over these and energy projects the world over will have global consequences but will be decided by individual communities.

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Peabody, next Northwest coal exporter to go bankrupt

3 different Washington tribes sue over oil and coal trains, final straw in long history

The Oil Industry's devastating alternative to the Clean Power Plan

They’ve laid out an alternative to a clean energy future, a Dirty Power Plan, for the Northwest. You won’t see them announcing it from podiums or siting down with Katie Couric to talk it over. But make no mistake the fossil fuel industry has a plan for our corner of the world.

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The day coal died: New York Stock Exchange drops Arch

With resistance at a fever pitch and their financial prospects in shambles, coal’s future looks like the end of a bad horror movie.

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For Millennium Terminal coal exporters, the hits just keep on coming

At every end of the coal line, from mine to train to terminal, companies are facing fierce opposition, poor market prospects and investors jumping ship.

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Swinomish Lawsuit against BNSF, just the latest example of local tribes against coal and oil

Our signatures were on the agreement with BNSF, so were theirs. So was the United States. But despite all that, BNSF began running its Bakken oil trains across the reservation without asking, and without even telling us.

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Open letter to Montana and Wyoming: I thought we were friends?

why does coal have to come between us?

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Coal and oil trains just got 150 officials to agree on something

This is a daunting future to look at, and can seem hopeless and even leave us cynical at times. But if 150 tribal leaders, county executives and representatives can come together and agree this is a bad idea, I’m feeling pretty good about our chances.

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