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The West Coast's Top 20 Polluticos

These 20 lobbyists, politicians, communicators and industry representatives are actively working to prop up polluters up and down the west coast.

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Washington and Oregon among 20 states investigating Exxon for climate fraud

Peabody, next Northwest coal exporter to go bankrupt

Several Washington legislators are arguing against cutting pollution, here's why they're wrong

The Oil Industry's devastating alternative to the Clean Power Plan

They’ve laid out an alternative to a clean energy future, a Dirty Power Plan, for the Northwest. You won’t see them announcing it from podiums or siting down with Katie Couric to talk it over. But make no mistake the fossil fuel industry has a plan for our corner of the world.

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The Oil Industry and its Front Groups

As the story around the Western State Petroleum’s astroturf campaigns in the West gained momentum, WSPA’s president Catherine Reheis-Boyd pushed back claiming that their goal was to bring forward unheard voices in the climate debate.

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Shift Spreads Debunked Research on Twitter

Leaked: The Oil Industry's Campaign to Stop Clean Energy

Natural Resources Defense Council’s Switchboard blog breaks it down: “The Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA) – whose members include Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell, ConocoPhillips, BP, and others – was caught red-handed last week when a leaked internal presentation revealed a coordinated campaign to stomp out climate and clean energy progress in California, Oregon and Washington by propping up over 15 front groups that purport to represent the views of concerned citizens and the broader business community.”

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Washington Climate Collaborative is yet another oil front group

The same day Governor Jay Inslee rolled out his plan to meet Washington’s carbon reduction limits, a new group popped up on the radar. Despite their name “Washington Climate Collaborative”, this isn’t a group excited about supporting the Governor’s plan. Instead it’s more of the same. When you look at the supporters list, despite the lovely background of apples a few names jump out: Western State Petroleum Association for one. The Northwest Gas Association for another. When you look at their plan, despite the pro-environmental values they espouse, you realize that there’s no there there. No clear plan for meeting Washington’s climate limits. Guess it’s time for WSPA to update the slide deck – one more Astroturf group is launched.

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