Oil Check Washington

Several Washington legislators are arguing against cutting pollution, here's why they're wrong

Here are all the Washington cities, governments and organizations that oppose oil trains

With groups from the Washington State Council of Firefighters to the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission and cities from Spokane to Aberdeen to Bellingham its clear how diverse and widespread opposition is in the Evergreen State.

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The Oil Industry's devastating alternative to the Clean Power Plan

They’ve laid out an alternative to a clean energy future, a Dirty Power Plan, for the Northwest. You won’t see them announcing it from podiums or siting down with Katie Couric to talk it over. But make no mistake the fossil fuel industry has a plan for our corner of the world.

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Northwest legislative gridlock is no accident

This type of scorched earth diplomacy is usually reserved for national level politics. But as the West Coast continues to drive towards a fossil fuel free future, oil interests are becoming more and more desperate to keep us locked to the economy of the past. Unless legislators stand up to blatant meddling, we can expect things to keep spirally into inaction.

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Open letter to Montana and Wyoming: I thought we were friends?

why does coal have to come between us?

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Washington Fire Chiefs to Railroads: You need to disclose more on oil trains

Northwest first responders are justifiably worried. In Washington, Firefighters have expressed grave concerns. They want to know where these trains are, how much oil they are bringing in and the risks shippers anticipate. Unfortunately the railroads, don’t particularly feel like telling them anything.

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