Oil Check Washington

The West Coast's Top 20 Polluticos

These 20 lobbyists, politicians, communicators and industry representatives are actively working to prop up polluters up and down the west coast.

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Washington and Oregon among 20 states investigating Exxon for climate fraud

Several Washington legislators are arguing against cutting pollution, here's why they're wrong

The Oil Industry's devastating alternative to the Clean Power Plan

They’ve laid out an alternative to a clean energy future, a Dirty Power Plan, for the Northwest. You won’t see them announcing it from podiums or siting down with Katie Couric to talk it over. But make no mistake the fossil fuel industry has a plan for our corner of the world.

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Northwest legislative gridlock is no accident

This type of scorched earth diplomacy is usually reserved for national level politics. But as the West Coast continues to drive towards a fossil fuel free future, oil interests are becoming more and more desperate to keep us locked to the economy of the past. Unless legislators stand up to blatant meddling, we can expect things to keep spirally into inaction.

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How Shell Manipulates Washington State Politics: The Polar Pioneer isn’t the company’s only disruptive presence

Shell’s schemes have the region in an uproar, so now is a good time to explore the oil company’s well documented record of interfering in Washington’s politics.

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$3 Million in Fossil Fuel Spending Flooded Washington in 2014

Polluting fossil fuel interests are anything but excited about the prospect of paying for the free lunch they’re getting now. They are accustomed to getting their way, and they spend millions each election cycle specifically influence the state’s political process.

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