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The West Coast's Top 20 Polluticos

These 20 lobbyists, politicians, communicators and industry representatives are actively working to prop up polluters up and down the west coast.

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“A win for all of Indian country”, US denies nation’s largest coal export terminal

The Lummi’s defiant stand for their treaty and sovereignty was a major victory, apart of a much larger struggle. New coal export projects are still slated for Oakland, CA, British Columbia and Longview, WA. Decisions over these and energy projects the world over will have global consequences but will be decided by individual communities.

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Why Seattle Mariners home runs have become a terrifying reminder

Now we have to endure every majestic trot around the bases reminded that oil trains put every M’s fan (and people across the Northwest) at risk of being caught in a different kind of BNSF BLAST.

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Washington and Oregon among 20 states investigating Exxon for climate fraud

Peabody, next Northwest coal exporter to go bankrupt

Here are all the Northwest cities, governments and organizations that oppose oil trains

There are a total of 5 counties, 9 major organizations and 31 cities that have officially voiced concern or outright opposition to oil trains in their communities. With groups as wide ranging as the Washington State Council of Firefighters to the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission and cities from Spokane and Aberdeen to Bellingham and Hood River (basically anywhere the trains would run) its clear how diverse and widespread opposition is in both states.

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Vancouver oil terminal caught mislead public, again

For a company trying to win approval for a terminal that will bring several mile-long oil trains-a-day across the state, this is a major blow. For the public it'll be that much more difficult to trust a company that wants to ship explosive cargo but can't be bothered to check their facts.

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Several Washington legislators are arguing against cutting pollution, here's why they're wrong

Here are all the Washington cities, governments and organizations that oppose oil trains

With groups from the Washington State Council of Firefighters to the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission and cities from Spokane to Aberdeen to Bellingham its clear how diverse and widespread opposition is in the Evergreen State.

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3 different Washington tribes sue over oil and coal trains, final straw in long history

Washington refinery, once presented as a “clean fuels” project gets even oilier

Many have questioned Riverside’s intensions and even see the biofuels portion as a Trojan Horse to simply building new oil capacity. For local advocates yesterday’s announcement confirmed these suspicions.

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The Oil Industry's devastating alternative to the Clean Power Plan

They’ve laid out an alternative to a clean energy future, a Dirty Power Plan, for the Northwest. You won’t see them announcing it from podiums or siting down with Katie Couric to talk it over. But make no mistake the fossil fuel industry has a plan for our corner of the world.

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Seattle's Shell Nightmare isn't over

Northwest legislative gridlock is no accident

This type of scorched earth diplomacy is usually reserved for national level politics. But as the West Coast continues to drive towards a fossil fuel free future, oil interests are becoming more and more desperate to keep us locked to the economy of the past. Unless legislators stand up to blatant meddling, we can expect things to keep spirally into inaction.

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BNSF and Northwest oil refineries come to safety agreement, with no improvements on safety

While it is comforting to know that if a spill or explosion occurs the producers and transporters will actually talk to each other, it does not address the underlying issue. Oil is being transported by rail at levels we have never seen and far too many of those trains are exploding.

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The day coal died: New York Stock Exchange drops Arch

With resistance at a fever pitch and their financial prospects in shambles, coal’s future looks like the end of a bad horror movie.

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How Shell Manipulates Washington State Politics: The Polar Pioneer isn’t the company’s only disruptive presence

Shell’s schemes have the region in an uproar, so now is a good time to explore the oil company’s well documented record of interfering in Washington’s politics.

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Full recap from Port of Seattle's Shell hearing: motions passed simply fan the flames

This begins what will be a long day of Shell related affairs for the Port.

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Protests heat up in Seattle, Shell's drilling ships just days away

How to channel that Earth Day energy, actions Northwesterners need to know about

if you still have that green fire running through your veins from yesterday, there are plenty of options to channel it.

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Washington Fire Chiefs to Railroads: You need to disclose more on oil trains

Northwest first responders are justifiably worried. In Washington, Firefighters have expressed grave concerns. They want to know where these trains are, how much oil they are bringing in and the risks shippers anticipate. Unfortunately the railroads, don’t particularly feel like telling them anything.

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Coal and oil trains just got 150 officials to agree on something

This is a daunting future to look at, and can seem hopeless and even leave us cynical at times. But if 150 tribal leaders, county executives and representatives can come together and agree this is a bad idea, I’m feeling pretty good about our chances.

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Announcement from China just dealt the biggest blow yet to Northwest coal exporters

early projections for China’s coal needs now look more like a siren song; giving false hope to an industry frantically searching for a way to survive.

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$3 Million in Fossil Fuel Spending Flooded Washington in 2014

Polluting fossil fuel interests are anything but excited about the prospect of paying for the free lunch they’re getting now. They are accustomed to getting their way, and they spend millions each election cycle specifically influence the state’s political process.

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The Oil Industry and its Front Groups

As the story around the Western State Petroleum’s astroturf campaigns in the West gained momentum, WSPA’s president Catherine Reheis-Boyd pushed back claiming that their goal was to bring forward unheard voices in the climate debate.

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Shift Spreads Debunked Research on Twitter

Leaked: The Oil Industry's Campaign to Stop Clean Energy

Natural Resources Defense Council’s Switchboard blog breaks it down: “The Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA) – whose members include Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell, ConocoPhillips, BP, and others – was caught red-handed last week when a leaked internal presentation revealed a coordinated campaign to stomp out climate and clean energy progress in California, Oregon and Washington by propping up over 15 front groups that purport to represent the views of concerned citizens and the broader business community.”

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Washington Climate Collaborative is yet another oil front group

The same day Governor Jay Inslee rolled out his plan to meet Washington’s carbon reduction limits, a new group popped up on the radar. Despite their name “Washington Climate Collaborative”, this isn’t a group excited about supporting the Governor’s plan. Instead it’s more of the same. When you look at the supporters list, despite the lovely background of apples a few names jump out: Western State Petroleum Association for one. The Northwest Gas Association for another. When you look at their plan, despite the pro-environmental values they espouse, you realize that there’s no there there. No clear plan for meeting Washington’s climate limits. Guess it’s time for WSPA to update the slide deck – one more Astroturf group is launched.

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