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Here are all the Washington cities, governments and organizations that oppose oil trains

Communities across the Northwest have growing concerns about the increase in oil train traffic in their communities. The numerous derailments and fiery disasters since oil-by-rail became the go to form of transportation for Bakken shale oil, has many speaking out about risks to safety and public health.

This has prompted communities across Washington State to voice their concern and opposition. We've organized all the formal statements against oil trains below into an interactive map that highlights who has spoken up and how strong their opposition was.

We've broken them up into 4 categories (increasing from light to dark coloring):

- determination of safety/careful analysis (lightest blue)

- expression of concern or reconsideration

- formal written opposition

- request for moratorium or to decline permit (darkest blue)

There are a total of 2 counties, 9 major organizations and 25 cities that have officially voiced concern or outright opposition to oil trains in their communities. With groups from the Washington State Council of Firefighters to the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission and cities from Spokane to Aberdeen to Bellingham its clear how diverse and widespread opposition is in the Evergreen State.

You can check out the full map here. As new cities and groups consider the risks and come out in opposition let us know and we'll be sure to add them to the list.

Nick Abraham - Editor Oil Check Northwest

[email protected] @oilchecknw


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